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YouTube video app icon is updated with rounded corners

Recently, we saw that YouTube’s desktop version was experimenting with videos’ rounded corners. Videos viewed in ordinary mode rather than theater style would be covered by this. Android Police claims that the YouTube app for Android will also add rounded corners to its videos.

All of this is part of a larger redesign of YouTube’s appearance. The business has been modifying the platform subtly to give it a fresh appearance and feel. The platform now includes Material You influences like rounded buttons.

YouTube Android app now has rounded corners

This fresh modification is currently slowly making its way to smartphones. You’ll need to wait a short while if you don’t see it. The video thumbnails have rounded corners when you’re on your main video stream. Along with the thumbnails, there will be some white space on either side of them.

Although the interface’s appearance isn’t significantly altered by the rounded corners, it does have a somewhat different aesthetic. Below is a screenshot of the updated look. It should be noted that we are unsure if this will apply to the video itself once you are on its page. For the video feed, all we have is a screenshot. When it spreads to additional people, we’ll have to wait to find out if that’s the case.

Additional news from YouTube

Now, YouTube is experimenting with small games. These will be straightforward games that you can play online. Although we only know about one game, we don’t yet know what games will make up the roster. Its name is Stack Bounce, and it’s a well-known application.

This leads us to anticipate that mobile games will predominately be hosted there. The purpose of these games is to encourage prolonged use of the platform. We do not yet know when YouTube will introduce these games.

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