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Here’s How to Unblock YouTube Videos

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Want to find out how to unblock YouTube videos if you find your viewing is restricted or you are getting “sorry” messages? Yes, many of us have unfortunately experienced these moments.

This article includes a solution with a little help from a clever cybersecurity tool known as a VPN or virtual private network.

Are you one of the millions of individuals who are unable to get some digital streaming content that is really important to you? This could be caused by a number of factors, as copyright laws and censorship frequently obstruct the millions of people who need digital entertainment in numerous nations throughout the world. 

In your case, might this be YouTube content? Then we will take a moment to assist you with what is actually a pretty significant problem for most people. You should be aware that using a VPN to access YouTube is your best option if you need that essential entertainment right at your fingertips.

Why Is Your YouTube Blocked?

You might be unable to watch YouTube for a variety of reasons such as you can’t access YouTube because of your network configuration. Otherwise, when you access the network at work or school, this can occur. YouTube might also not always be appropriate to increase productivity, which is why some institutions block it. 

Broadcasting laws and regulations mean that the video isn’t accessible where you are. This occurs, for instance, when a video includes images that belong to a company that hasn’t granted authorization to broadcast the film in your nation. Furthermore, the video’s uploader might have said that some countries are prohibited from seeing it. The reason could also be that you are unable to access (some of) YouTube due to national censorship implemented by the government. In nations like China and North Korea, as well as Iran, Turkey, and others, this occurs.

As of 2022, the following nations will expressly be blocked from YouTube: China (excluding Hong Kong and Macau), South Sudan, North Korea, Eritrea, and Iran. Several nations that had a YouTube ban in place before have recently repealed it, including the UAE, Turkey, Brazil, Venezuela, and even Germany. Given that it has hundreds of millions of videos and is the largest digital streaming platform available, YouTube is a haven for unedited content. 

The problem we’re referring to occurs when you receive a “This movie is not accessible in your country” message and a “Sorry about that” text message. Yes, these are among the most annoying messages one can receive when looking to relax and tune into the huge catalog of videos YouTube offers.

How VPN Technology Resolves the Problem

With a special cybersecurity tool, you will leave all YouTube limits behind. To be able to achieve this, you’ll need a tiny cybersecurity client called a Virtual Private Network (VPN), which is already well-known to millions of people. These programs, which are distributed by several international security software businesses, successfully mask your internet connection and allow you to change your connection information to match another country. They also provide what is known as encryption (which you may have heard of – a technology that deciphers data so that nobody can access or read it).

When a premium VPN is active, this means that internet algorithms cannot determine your true location, allowing you to get around restrictions. Why do we keep using the term “premium VPN”? Well, for one thing, you need reliable, tested software that has the ability and technical capabilities to get around censorship and limitations. Avoid free software, such as free VPNs you find randomly on the app stores, at all costs. You do not want to infect your computer or allow hackers access to your data! 

Next, some technical skills and a lot of time are not necessary to begin this process. A premium VPN subscription costs only a few dollars each month, and you can get a free privacy browser to help you out. Both the Apple App Store and the Google Play App Store provide premium VPNs. 

Choose a premium VPN first. Popular ones include NordVPN, Cyberghost, Surfshark, PIA, and others of a similar caliber. You must conduct your due diligence on each of these, such as reading the expert reviews available through the link at the top of the page, where you can find several high-end VPNs that can assist you in unblocking YouTube streaming. One VPN provider might have something you like, as the choice is always individual.

You’ve now found and joined a premium VPN. Install a browser that prioritizes privacy, such as Brave or Mozilla, and launch a new tab in private or incognito mode. As soon as your VPN is up and running, select a server from the list of international servers that are accessible and connect to it. I’m done now! Turn on YouTube and have fun! 

Remember that you also can try using the well-known Tor anonymity browser in addition to VPNs to unblock YouTube. However, this level of extreme security and anonymity will result in slower speeds, if the former is what you are after. If you are only temporarily visiting a restricted area, you might simply download YouTube videos onto your smartphone using a service like “Loader” and avoid any blockages that way.

Furthermore, sometimes just adding “HTTPS://” to the address bar instead of “HTTP” can unblock YouTube if the network you are connected to is blocking it (say at school or work). But again at the end of the day, a VPN might be your best bet as it is a “set it and forget it” solution that most of us would like to have.

So, there you have it. With the wonders of virtual private networks, you can unblock just about anything that is censored or restricted today. You can do this while also staying secure and anonymous, thanks to the fact that VPNs are, first and foremost, a cybersecurity tool! Enjoy watching YouTube without limits with a premium VPN!

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