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YouTuber In Germany Fined 480,000 Euros For Advertising Unauthorised Gambling

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Ron Bielecki has made a name for himself as a YouTuber and streamer because he likes to bully and brag about party excesses. Thanks to his sponsors, he can probably afford an extravagant lifestyle – but they are now falling on his feet.

According to a report by Wirtschaftswoche, the public prosecutor’s office in Berlin has now issued him with a penalty order that includes a fine of 480,000 euros. The determination of the sum was also based on the assets of the streamer, which was estimated by the authorities based on his boasting on the Internet. The Tiergarten District Court has given its blessing to this approach.

The penalty order is based on the accusation that Bielecki had advertised illegal gambling. In 51 cases he is said to have taken part in corresponding gambling events from providers who do not have a license in Germany in his twitch streams, and in 37 cases he also advertised them on his channels. Both are illegal, with advertising being the main problem. In special cases, this can even be punished with imprisonment, according to the Criminal Code.

Huge daily rate

Bielecki belongs to a whole scene of so-called casino streamers, where it’s almost normal to brag about the wealth you’ve made at the tables. Whether this corresponds to reality or not.

However, this is sufficient for the public prosecutor’s office to accept existing assets as given. The accused’s books do not have to be specially checked to support the assumptions. The daily rate was set at 4,000 euros, which corresponds to an above-average income. According to the information, the streamer has lodged an objection to the penalty order. The matter is now being heard in court, but it is not yet known when the trial will begin.

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