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Netflix Backs Off Strict Account Sharing Rules


Last week, Netflix caused a stir by posting new account-sharing policies on its FAQ pages. Even though the whole thing has been released in several languages, the company is now trying to get out.

Netflix released an updated FAQ section a few days ago explaining how the much stricter account handling rules will work. This not only made it more difficult to share the account between several people who do not live in the same household but also made life difficult for normal subscribers or much more difficult than necessary.

A wave of outrage ensued, and Netflix quickly rolled back the changes. In a comment last week, we wrote that something like sloppiness must have taken place here and that nobody at Netflix can claim that they “slipped the mouse” here, and that the FAQ was activated without the knowledge of management.

Only intended for three countries

But you can guess: This is exactly how Netflix is ​​arguing. The company told The Streamable that the new rules were not intended for publication in the United States in this form. Instead, these were only intended for Chile, Peru, and Costa Rica. The new regulations also apply there, but not in other countries and regions. So this is probably a test run.

In other words, according to Netflix, it was an accident. It is of course possible that Netflix is ​​working with automatic translations here and that the “US error” has propagated in this way. However, it is likely that Netflix actually wanted to go through with this solution here but quickly realized that this was not a good idea.

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