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Zenfone range is still available, ASUS refutes the rumor

Just recently, we came across information that suggested that ASUS is going to end its Zenfone series. Given this fact, the Zenfone 10 is the last member of the series. Thankfully, ASUS has responded to this situation. Reportedly, the company denied the rumor and shared that the Zenfone lineup is going nowhere.

The company has shared its official stance on this matter via its official website. The company clearly stated that the rumor was incorrect. Furthermore, ASUS stated that the Zenfone 10 is not the last member of the Zenfone series. In 2014, ASUS debuted the first Zenfone device. The company greatly improved the series over the course of generations.

The ROG Phone and the Zenfone are our two primary phone business product lines, ASUS stated. The organization added, “ASUS has an unwavering dedication to our smartphone business and consumer customers,” to that statement. As if that weren’t plain enough, ASUS said that everyone should keep an eye out for the business’s “2024 product lineups”. The firm could not have been more direct in saying that the Zenfone would not be discontinued.

The smartphones by ASUS are truly compelling

The company has greatly improved the hardware of its products in the last few years. Zenfone 10 offers great battery life, improved specs, and a nice price tag. The device is compact and is listed among the best compact smartphones on the market.

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