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ZTE to Release the New ZTE S Series

ZTE S Series soon coming in the market bring in new styles and features.

ZTE to release a new ZTE series, the ZTE S series, and plans to launch the series soon.

In addition to this, Ni Fei, President of ZTE’s terminal business unit, announced that similar to the flagship ZTE Axon series, the new ZTE S series would come in various models.

It is no more a unique idea for mobile companies to work on flagship series and young fashion series. And to stay in the market, ZTE will be coming in strong with new options for young consumers.

In a recent post, Ni Fei posted the first photo of the new S series.

ZTE S Series
ZTE S Series

The phone is evidently coming in the star and sea color blended1` with shiny and frosted materials, making the machine highly recognizable.

According to the leaks, the machine’s main camera has a 64 MP lens, and the lens parameters show 1.79-2.4/16-26.

Previously it was said that the new ZTE S series would have a 44 MP front lens and a screen refresh rate of 144Hz.

ZTE have high hopes with the new ZTE S Series as it intends to re-create the brand new image for the new generations.

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