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ZTE Will Pioneer 5G Technology In The World

ZTE, the Chinese telecommunications technology provider says that it will pioneer 5G technology in the world. It would enable mobile networks to provide faster internet services around the world.

ZTE said, “Underpinned by its leadership in 5G technologies, the company is committed to helping carriers deploy the latest network innovations and smoothly evolve from 4.5G networks, supporting the ongoing digital transformation of operators globally.”

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“The company will be committed to becoming a pioneer in 5G technologies, taking the lead in standardization, technical perspective, and commercialization.”

The carrier’s network makes up almost 60% of ZTE revenue, which ZTE acknowledges by saying that it is “further strengthening its investment in key 5G technologies including wireless and 5G bearer networks”.

It further said, “In the first half, ZTE’s pre-5G multi-mode software baseband chips were shipped to top international operators, and the company’s IoT chips have been put into interoperability tests with different vendors, also, the company launches uSmartAI, an intelligence robot solution.”

ZTE also informed that in the US its handsets are ranked 4th and also stand within top five ranks in Australia, Germany, Canada, and Spain. The Chinese company ranked at the top in World Intellectual Property Organization’s annual list of technology patent applications in March. It spends 6.68 billion yuan on its research in six months. The revenue gained during the time was 12.4% of its total revenue.

So it added that “This takes the company’s R&D spending past 10 billion yuan in the past 12 months, as ZTE focuses on innovations in 5G, IoT, and cloud computing to sharpen its overall competitiveness.”

ZTE filed 1500 application for patents on 5G out of total 4123 patents filed.  It has finished many 5G scenario trials which include network slicing. Also, it is working with Softbank to test 5G technology in Japan. The company is all set to pioneer 5G technology in the world.

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