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Jeremy McLellan: Pakistanis Miss The US-Born Pindi Boy

Let’s take a hypothetical scenario of two countries, Pakistan & America. Calling Pakistan an emotional country and America a materialistic one won’t be so far-fetched. For every person in the world money is important, but for some, it is more important than emotions. So in their quest to acquire wealth, they leave all emotions behind.

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Rarely a vice versa situation occurs. An individual who lives in a materialistic world gets attracted to the emotional one. A person who inhabits in a Superpower country but believes that love and honesty are more important.  When such a person from the materialistic world visits the emotional world, he is welcomed with open arms.

Jeremy McLellan, the US born cool dude, came to Pakistan, visited places, lived the culture of Pakistan, and left as the Pakistani Pindi Boy.

He is being dearly missed in Pakistan. Looking at his posts you will know why.





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