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ZTE will soon introduce AxonPad: a new tablet

ZTE has introduced a new product in the Android tablet market. The company has officially teased the device under the name AxonPad. ZTE states that the device will be released this month. The new AxonPad comes with a large and single-lens back camera hump. It features a flat-ended metallic unibody design. It is hailed as having the ability to create an ecosystem with other smartphones, including those in the premium Axon 50 series.

In contrast to the previous offerings by the company, the new AxonPad is not the same as the innovative Nubia Pad. Rather it is a traditional one or you can say the 2D-display alternate. The new tablet is a member of the Axon line. Interestingly, the upcoming AxonPad misses out on a cutting-edge under-display (or UDC) selfie camera.

The front camera is located inside the thin bezels of the AxonPad. It is provided in the latest landscape orientation. The company proclaims that the tablet will make a spectacular debut given the fact that it is equipped with MyOS adjusted for its form factor. Furthermore, the tablet comes with smart life 2.0 support that works for the strong connection between the tablet and other first-party devices.

As a result, the device might be able to create cross-device ecosystems with other brand-new gadgets like the 40 Ultra or its replacement. On April 12, 2023, the OEM is expected to hold its next significant product event where the Axon Pad will be unveiled as a new competitor to the OPPO Pad 2 or Xiaomi Pad 5 series.

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