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Pixel Tablet might be containing a privacy toggle

As pixel tablets near the launch point, we are getting some bit by bit information regarding the device. As per leaked information via Phone Arena, a significant privacy feature will be available in these upcoming tablets. The Pixel tablet might contain a privacy toggle.

The pixel tablet, which was unveiled by Google during the past year, has become a significant addition to the pixel family. Although we don’t know much about the device, maybe there’s a long wait until the launch, as it’s scheduled somewhere between this year and next.

Pixel tablets might contain a privacy toggle

We get our hands on this information via a leaked image, so we can’t be so sure about it. As in the image, we can see a hardware slider situated on the right side of the tablet, underneath the camera.

Usually these kinds of sliders in devices are used for the mute option, but as we can see, this isn’t the case here. This will be an indicator of a smart display containing its own microphone, which will be constantly working. So, this might be a switch that will be able to turn this off.

Anyhow, we weren’t able to see this slider in the older images of the tablet that were officially revealed by the company itself. So this toggle can be a recent addition to the tablet. Although we don’t know when this change was installed, surely we are excited to know more about it as it gets launched.

As per rumours, its launch is bound somewhere around the Pixel Flop, about which we don’t have much information. Other than that, there might be some more interesting products as we keep getting updates regarding them during Google I/O.

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