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30% of TikTok Users In The US are Under 15

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Internal data and documents show that in July this year, TikTok classified more than one-third of its 49 million daily users in the United States into the age group of 14 or younger. Although these users are likely to be 13 or 14 years old, a former TikTok employee said that previous employees pointed out that some videos that appeared to be from younger children had been allowed to remain on the site for several weeks.

In the United States, the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act requires Internet platforms to obtain parental permission before collecting personal information from children under 13 years of age. The operator of Musical.ly, which was merged into TikTok in 2018, paid a fine of US$5.7 million last year in order to settle the relevant charges raised by the Federal Trade Commission.

TikTok is becoming more and more concerned application in the United States as Microsoft shows interest in purchasing the app. That’s why Bill Gates called it a “poison goblet” earlier, with the time being it is creating more doubts about the acquisition. Now the acquisition deal has more questions to answer before it gets to the final decision.

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