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5 Kratom Strains to Try in 2020


Kratom looks nothing less than any conventional herb out there today. Gone are the days when it was used for smoking; now, people love to consume it in different ways. If you don’t know, kratom is a tropical plant that is native to Southeast Asia. After being discovered in the early 19th century, this plant gained massive popularity around the globe because of its recreational uses. Today, with over 100 million fans globally, this plant is having a major moment right now. Although the majority of people like to consume this herb in the form of powder and capsules, there are several other ways to consume it. Here are a few kratom strains, you must try this year:

1.      Maeng Da Kratom

Also known as the best kratom strain, maeng da has come a long way. This strain is known as the strongest one and has a massive fan base. If you visit kratom crazy online, you will come across maeng da as their bestselling strain. People who frequently consume this strain claim that it improves their energy level. Although kratom stands vague with no proven health benefits, fans still have a lot to say about it. This strain is dark green and looks unique. It is said that maeng da begins showing its effects after a few minutes of consumption.

2.      Kapuas Kratom

You will be surprised to know, unlike maeng da, this strain is modified. Although it uses the same kratom plant that is harvested in Southeast Asian countries, Kapuas is a rare kratom strain. Seldom will you come across online platforms that sell it. People who are active consumers of Kapuas kratom, claim that it helps improve their motivation, enhances mood, and declutters their minds from stress. Fans also equate it with coffee because both have the power to energize anyone. Not to forget, Kapuas kratom aids weight loss, and it is one of its proven benefits.

3.      Indo Kratom

If you don’t know, this strain is abbreviated for Indonesian Kratom. Scientists say it has the highest amount of alkaloid content in it. If you visit any regular bar in South Florida, you will be provided with shots of Indo Kratom beverage for as low as $7. Frequent consumers claim that it helps in releasing stress from the brain. The reason why people swoon over this strain is that the alkaloids guarantee to make someone feel high. If you want to try it for the first time, it is best, to begin with, a small quantity. High doses can be dangerous.

4.      Bali Kratom

Also known as Red Bali is a popular kratom strain in the industry. The only thing that differentiates it from the other ones is, It takes time to grow. However, when ready, fans claim it has long-lasting effects on the body. This kratom is native to Malaysia and is harvested in abundance there. Bali is popular because it is one of the cheapest kratom strains out there. If you sift through any local smoke shop, you will easily come across this strain being sold in bulk.

5.      Sumatra Kratom

As the name implies, this kratom strain grows in the Island of Sumatra. This kratom strain gained popularity just a few years ago and now has become mainstream. It is available in three different colors, namely green, red, and white. This kratom strain is popular because of its slow effects on the body. If you can’t get maeng da, experts will suggest you consume this strain. Because it doesn’t make you feel high, people infuse it in food items, beverages, and desserts.

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  1. This seriously couldn’t be very much more inaccurate. Kratom is Kratom and 99+% comes from Indonesia- Kapuas isn’t “rare” to find and Indo nor any of the others get you “high “! Sure- good mood, increased energy, comforting, balancing, better overall sense of well-being- sure (from about any trustworthy source) of unadulterated Kratom. Red- more chill/comfort, White- more energy/hype, and Green- in between a little of each and a mild mood boost, but anything more is a stretch… It’s sad to act like this is supposed to be a positive representation/reflection of Kratom with so many horribly inaccurate statements that are extremely damning and just completely false/misleading. None is truly considered “dangerous” by actual scientific studies …

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