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5 Best Tools to Remove Background from Image

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We delete our backgrounds for various reasons– it may be because it‘s complicated, there are annoying photobombers, and unpleasant clutter. Fortunately, there is now a way to fix those without using Photoshop’s lasso and selection tools. Even though there are many options available online, you need to be confident about choosing one. In this article, we will introduce 5 tools that can instantly remove backgrounds. Here they are. Check them out below!


You can have a transparent background right away with PicWish’s AI-powered background erasing tool. With no editing tools required, it automatically detects your subject and isolates it from its background. This program has an intuitive interface that is best suited for beginners, but it assures precise results. Additionally, you can change the background color or add more images.

Additionally, you can select a version based on your requirements. You can remove background from multiple images using Windows versions since it can process up to 100 images or more simultaneously. Meanwhile, if you don’t want to install any software on your PC, you can use its web-based version instead. It can process unlimited images but only one image at a time. For online sellers, you can download its app on your phone and use its preset sizes for different online selling sites such as Amazon, Shopify, Etsy, and more.


Remove.bg is another background eraser you can use. Upon dragging and dropping your photo on the interface, this background eraser will give you instant transparent results. It works with portraits, cars, pets, and even product photos. If you want to replace your background with a plain one, you can use its extensive collection of color palettes. It also has a default landscape background option if you want to complete the look of your image. Alternatively, you can save it as a PNG and leave it transparent. 


Slazzer is another fast and easy way to remove the background in just 5 seconds. In addition to complicated subjects, it works well against complicated backgrounds as well. Even if they have the same colors, the AI computer vision algorithm can accurately detect the subject and separate it from its background. There are three types of file formats available: JPG, PNG, and JPEG, which can be saved as transparent or as a new photo by replacing the background with another one of your choices. There is also a desktop app for removing multiple images’ backgrounds simultaneously.


With Remove.ai, you can delete your background in just three seconds. You can upload or drag an image onto the tool’s interface to make your background transparent neatly and perfectly. It is easy to use for beginners since there are no complicated controls or navigation tools. In its free version, you can only process images with a resolution of 0.25 megapixels at a time. And for an alternative, you can also purchase credits for higher megapixels and bulk processing using its Windows version.


PhotoScissors is an artificial intelligence tool that cuts subjects from their backgrounds. You can remove the background of your image using its Magic Wand or Transparent Marker. No matter what kind of image you have, even blurry or semi-transparent ones, it will work. You can replace your original image with a solid color or another photo with this app. Additionally, you can also create collages using this background remover.


Choosing the right background remover can save you a lot of trial and error time. We hope that by listing these instant background removers, you will be able to maximize your time. Share your thoughts now.

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