A concept phone from HONOR will be displayed at IFA in addition to the Magic V2

Honor 60 Series

HONOR is all set to debut its new foldable smartphone, i.e., the Magic V2. Reportedly, the company will unveil the new smartphone at IFA 2023 in Berlin on September 1. Alongside the new foldable smartphone, the company will also showcase a concept phone.

The business stated this when announcing a collaboration with TIME magazine. The business claims that this year’s IFA keynote will be fashion-forward. We’ll “set out on a journey that explores the merging of technology, fashion, long-term sustainability, and lifestyle,” the company claimed.

In addition to this, the company also shared information about the arrival of three new speakers. These include Bram Van Diepen (Design Director, BURBERRY Menswear), Giles Deacon (Couture Designer at Giles Deacon Group), and Anne-Marie Tomchak (Journalist, broadcaster, and former Vogue Editor).

When it comes to Magic V2, we already know a lot about it since the device officially debuted in China. On the other hand, the concept phone is a secret that has not been shared. Honor stated unequivocally that a “concept phone release that defies barriers across tech and fashion” will be made available.

Well, there are several possibilities regarding this concept phone. It might be the company’s first flip phone since the advertisements for flip phones are always interesting and fashion-relevant. The other way around, it could be something completely different.

The company is quite mysterious, given the new concept phone. There is no information regarding it. Another possibility might be that the company debuts a cheaper version of the Magic V2. Well, there are fewer chances for it given the fact that the company has used the word concept phone with it. The device might not be available for purchase.

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