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HONOR launched a purse like device, HONOR V Purse

Honor has introduced various straps, chains, features, and tassels for your devices to carry them out in the most classic ways. The latest design of the device is portrayed as a purse.

The latest display is a classic with fashion aesthetics

A bunch of known designers collaboratively launched a series of designs for this device’s AOD feature. Soon, Honor will begin asking designers from all over the world to submit their work. to develop something original using sensors like a gyroscope and an ambient light sensor.

HONOR plans to invite designers to pitch in with AOD designs

Regarding this device’s specifications, Honor withheld all information. That shouldn’t be shocking considering that this phone is still only a concept. However, it appears that Honor intends to turn this into a real product given that it intends to solicit design contributions.

When folded, there is just a display on one side, and the majority of the opposite side is also taken up by the display. Along with the display, the phone’s cameras and a place to hold it are also visible.

The Honor V purse is an interesting concept that isn’t particularly aimed at anything. This latest design presents a great deal of fashion-centricity that fits well here.

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