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A new Mac pro suggests that Mac Studio might never receive updates

Apple seems like working on a new Mac Pro. Given this information, we can expect no future updates for the Mac Studio. It indicates that the Mac Studio might not be updated with an M2 Ultra. In January, the tech Apple introduced upgrades to M2 Pro, M2 max, and Mac Mini. However, we could not view a similar pattern with the Mac Studio.

Apple is making efforts to introduce Apple Silicon Mac Pro. With these speculations, it appears like the upgrades for Mac Studio might be delayed or completely stopped. It is anticipated that the company will introduce the New Mac Pro having Apple Silicon in spring 2023. It will be supplied with an M2 Ultra chip. Where the likelihood of two Macs based on M2 Ultra chips might affect the business of the company. Since this possibility has the potential to impact the sales of two devices.

Mark Gurman mentioned in his newsletter “Power On” that Mac pro is quite similar in operations and functions to Mac Studio. For this reason, it doesn’t make sense to introduce two devices i.e., M2 Ultra Mac Studio and an M2 Ultra Mac Pro at the same time. He further adds that there is a possibility that the tech company stops the updates for the Mac Studio or stop them until M3 or M4 generation arrives. Since that situation will provide the company with a chance to better distinguish the Mac Studio from the Mac Pro.

Previously it was anticipated that the Mac Pro will be combined with an M2 Extreme chip. The M2 Extreme chip would be designed by joining two M2 chips into one piece of silicon. However, the idea was discarded in December due to some production issues.