A new playback speed gesture is coming to the YouTube app

YouTube has just introduced the Stable Volume to its app. Now, according to some recent pieces of information, the mobile app of YouTube is all set to receive a new feature i.e., playback speed gesture. It’s not particularly challenging to modify it currently on mobile devices. However, it does require a little bit of extra time. One may also contend that some people find it more difficult if they simply don’t know where to look for the option to modify it.

For this reason, it could be really useful for some users specifically given the number of gestures that are compatible with a mobile device for UI navigation. The folks at 9to5Google report that the new feature will enable users to access the 2x playback speed. Just long-press the screen while the video is playing. Followed by this, long press anywhere on the screen and the 2x playback speed feature will be activated within a second or two. In contrast to the current method, it is faster. Users will no longer be required to tap and click on certain buttons in the playback settings.

The YouTube playback speed gesture is in the testing phase

Well, the feature will roll out globally soon. Currently, it is in the testing phase. In order to access this feature, a user must be enrolled in the YouTube Labs and a Premium member as well. The feature is available in the testing phase until August 13 so make sure to use it before the due date. The cool part is that when your finger is on the screen, the video will only play again at a speed of two. Imagine it as a remote control fast-forward button that only operates when you press and hold the button. Here, the outcome is the same.

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