YouTube discreetly rolls out the ‘Stable Volume’ feature

YouTube is an online video-sharing platform. Recently, the company has silently introduced a new feature to its app. Reportedly, the company has rolled out the ‘Stable Volume’ feature for Android and iOS apps. Previously, YouTube has introduced several improvements to its main app like Multiview, as well as several new features to the YouTube Music app such as comments on favorite songs, YouTube Music Podcasts, and others.

Given the new Stable Volume feature, the presence of this new feature on the YouTube app was reported by Redditor and the YouTuber M. Bandon Lee. Currently, there is no information on the functionality of this feature. The new feature can be found under the Ambient Mode option on the video settings page.

What is the function of this feature and how does it work is not elaborated at the moment. However, the name suggests that it might help control volume across different videos. With the help of the Stable Volume feature, YouTube users might be able to watch videos from various channels and artists without experiencing an abrupt volume increase or decrease. There is no clue whether this feature involves AI or not given the recognition and optimization of volume across videos.

As of now, the feature is available to some users on both Android and iOS app versions. To learn how it functions, we’ll need to wait for Google to provide more information or for the functionality to become more generally available.

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