Twitter’s latest anti-spam DM update is upsetting users

The social media platform Twitter is trying every single strategy to persuade users to subscribe to Twitter Blue. As a part of such actions, the platform has now unveiled a new anti-spam feature for its Direct Messaging (DM) system. Reportedly, this feature prohibits non-Twitter Blue subscribers from contacting new users and starting conversations.

According to Twitter, the new feature will help to protect users from unwanted messages. Besides this, several users have questioned the basic purpose of this feature since they find it a forceful practice to subscribe to Twitter Blue to access the standard DM communication on the platform.

Well, this is not all. The new updates have also affected the users who had given access to their DMs to everyone. This is due to Twitter’s recent change in default behavior, which prevents non-subscribers from initiating communication without an established relationship by only permitting message requests from verified users.

Well, if you are thinking that the new update is only restricted to non-verified users then you are mistaken. It is equally implemented on verified as well as non-verified users. Before this change, Twitter Blue subscribers’ messages received immediate visibility in a special portion of the recipient’s box. The current modification, however, removes this priority treatment for messages from verified users, further casting doubt on the worth of the Blue subscription.

Twitter Blue is struggling

It was Musk’s vision to turn Twitter into a profitable business. It is now struggling to gain more subscribers. One possible reason behind this could be the less traction posed by features like a tweet limit of up to 25,000, Blue Checkmark, and custom icons.

In addition to this, the immense popularity of Meta’s Threads could drastically impact Twitter users since they could opt to abandon the service. As a result, Twitter would need to balance preventing spam while promoting genuine communication.

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