According to Kuo, there are ‘No Indications’ of Apple Generative AI tech Arriving in 2024

Since the arrival of ChatGPT, serval tech companies have incorporated generative AI into their services and products. However, there is just one company that has not shown any sign of interest in generative AI. We are talking about the Cupertino-based tech firm Apple here. According to the information provided by Apple’s analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the company might not unveil its AI services until next year.

Kuo said that the firm will probably not devote much time to discussing AI during its financial results call due to its dearth of development in the field. He mentioned this information in a recent Medium article describing how Apple’s impending earnings report will affect Apple stocks and the supply chain. As per the reports, even in 2024, the company might not incorporate AI into computing and hardware products. It means that AI is not going to improve the company’s supply chain or stock price in the near future.

In contrast to the claims made by Kuo, last month, Mark Gurman from Bloomberg stated that the company is working on Apple GPT. He claimed that Apple GPT would be a direct competitor to OpenAI’s ChatGPT. As of now, the company has no clear targets or goals regarding advancements in the AI field. It doesn’t look like the company is working on any AI product for consumers. Gurman says that the company might make some big AI announcements next year.

Previously, during the earning calls in May, CEO Tim Cook, stated that a number of problems can be solved with AI. For this reason, the development approach must be thoughtfully designed. In addition to this, Cook claimed that for Apple AI is something ‘huge’. He mentioned that the company will integrate it into its products in a thoughtful manner.

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