Apple Working On ChatGPT Competitor Ajax

Apple is a late jump on the ongoing AI chatbot trend and is said to be working on a competitor to OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Microsoft Bing, and Google Bard. Where the journey of “Apple GPT” is going, nobody knows (yet) – not even Apple itself.

Artificial intelligence becomes an “important project”

While IT companies such as OpenAI, Microsoft, and Google are making their chatbots socially acceptable based on artificial intelligence, the AI ​​project in Cupertino, known internally as “Apple GPT”, seems to be still in its infancy. According to the Bloomberg report Mark Gurman, several teams are currently working on a ChatGPT competitor based on Apple’s own Large Language Model (LLM) “Ajax”.

After Apple laid the foundation with the language assistant Siri and various tools related to machine learning (ML), the AI ​​chatbot is now also set to develop into an important project. Above all, one is currently interested in “eliminating potential data protection concerns in the context of the technology,” says Gurman.

Apple does not (yet) have a clear strategy

That Apple will set up its chatbot against ChatGPT, Bing AI and Bard seems like a logical step. According to employees, the AI ​​tool should even only replicate them and contain no new functions or technologies. Nevertheless, Cupertino does not seem to be pursuing a clear strategy to introduce the technology to consumers in a timely manner. A Siri upgrade would probably be the simplest solution.

“People familiar with the work believe that Apple wants to make an important AI-related announcement in the next year,” says Gurman. Apple CEO Tim Cook has so far been reluctant to jump on the AI ​​train. In recent months, he has revealed that the inventor of the iPhone is already working with artificial intelligence, for example in detecting car accidents and falls. According to Cook, AI ​​technologies are promising, but also full of misinformation and without regulation.

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