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Achieving Digital Transformation: The Top 7 Tech Tools That Will Help You Get There

While the digital age has transformed most commercial industries, it’s also altered the way businesses run internally. Companies that prioritize automation and technological efficiency tend to get more done in less time than those that don’t. If you’re a business owner ready to achieve digital transformation, check out these top seven tech tools that will help you get there. 

A fast-deploying cluster management tool 

Hosted Kubernetes solutions are the quickest and most effective way to accelerate digital transformation because they unite easily-deployable Kubernetes clusters into one easy-to-manage unit. Those who invest in this fast-deploying cluster management tool will receive a payoff for both organization and efficiency. 

Collaborative suites

A collaborative suite is an essential element of the modern workplace. In the COVID-19 era, efficient and user-friendly digital communication is critical, and collaborative suites like G Suite by Google or Office 365 allow employees to collaborate live with multiple sets of tools.

With a suitable collaborative suite on your side, you can coordinate activities across your organization, manage information, carry out processes critical to your business, and plan for the future of your workplace. 

Tools for communication

When it comes to communication, clarity, and ease of use are essential. A digital communication platform provides centralized access to a repository of information. On the other hand, email isn’t editable and risks losing or missending sensitive information. 

Tools like Slack and Microsoft Teams allow business owners and managers to create dedicated workgroups so that everyone on a team or project has access to necessary information. As such, digital communication tools allow for healthier information circulation and greater stakeholder engagement since team members can offer suggestions, provide feedback, or answer questions on the platform. After all, involvement is crucial to motivating a team to succeed. 

Intranet platforms of the future

Long gone are the days of static intranets with long lists lacking collaboration, customization, and easy updates. Digital transformation begins with a cutting-edge intranet

An intranet should have the following features:

  • An integrated CMS
  • A search engine with global intelligence
  • A native mobile app
  • A tool for social advocacy for employees
  • A design that can be fully customized
  • An interface that supports multiple languages
  • Governance and permissions that are manageable
  • Provide real-time communication capability 

CRM tools 

Customer relationship management (CRM) systems play a significant role in a company’s success with digital transformation. In order to remain competitive, businesses must be able to meet their customers’ growing expectations and changing demands. 

CRM tools help companies understand and satisfy their clients’ needs, automate processes, shorten sales cycles, and increase retention. When locking in your new CRM system, double-check your data and information and ensure that the tool you use integrates well with your other frequently used applications. 

Cloud storage

When an organization is ready to scale its business and manage information efficiently, it should look into accessing cloud storage. Since cloud storage doesn’t require any hardware, you can quickly increase or decrease the amount of cloud storage your company has access to. Cloud storage allows users to access information globally from any system so that they won’t be restricted to a particular region. 

Project management tools

Organizations need the right digital project management tools on their teams to manage projects successfully. Project management tools can help staff create and schedule tasks, adhere to project timelines, track progress, be more responsive, and give management a holistic view of projects. As such, management tools contribute to establishing productive employees, completed projects, and satisfied customers.

Wrap up

While keeping up with the digital age can feel daunting for both newer and more established businesses, maintaining consistent growth and customer satisfaction requires company owners to take advantage of the tech tools at their disposal. Once you do, your organization will leave those who have failed to digitize in their tracks.

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