After a software update, Samsung removes the high bitrate 8K video recording on the Galaxy S23 Ultra

The South Korean conglomerate was able to withstand the staggering market conditions with its latest flagship Galaxy S23 series. The Galaxy S23 series features long battery life, a great design, improved cameras, and consistent performance. Besides this, the company introduced minor but significant updates to several aspects like 8K video recording quality.

In accordance with the recent pieces of information, it appears that Samsung has gone back to implementing one 8K video function. Recent reports suggest that the company has turned off the High Bitrate Videos option in the 8K video recording mode. a lot of Galaxy S23 Ultra users reported that the feature was present at the launch but later on, the feature vanished after the June 2023 security update.

Currently, the option of High Bitrate Videos is colored grey in the settings of the Camera app. The feature can be found under the Advanced Video Options section of camera settings. Previously, some users had noted that when utilizing High Bitrate on the Galaxy S23 Ultra, 8K 30fps films occasionally stutter. So, there is a possibility that the company might turn off the feature due to its inconsistent performance.

Well, whatever the reason might be the company should have communicated the information to the consumers. The company should describe all the relevant details in the changelog with the software update. Until now, the company has not communicated the information regarding turning off the High Bitrate Videos feature. Neither there is any information that the feature will return with the future software update or not. It is quite upsetting for users who purchased the Galaxy S23 Ultra keeping in mind its ability to record improved 8K videos with higher bitrates.

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