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Alibaba begins internal testing of its ChatGPT rival


The introduction of ChatGPT has generated the trend of conversational AI in the tech industry. every tech company is looking for ways to jump into this and be the main lead. Recently, another company has come forward with the idea. Alibaba is a Chinees firm. As per reports, the company is up to creating a rival for ChatGPT. As of now, no release date and name have been shared by the company.

Alibaba attained the well-known Chinese publication South China Morning Post back in December 2015. In 2017, the company established an Alibaba-owned research institute. It is situated in Nanhu Science Centre in Hangzhou city. The R&D center is dedicated to carrying out research in cutting-edge technologies, including AI.

A spokesperson from the company shared with the publication that Alibaba is conducting tests on conversational AI chatbots at Damo Academy. The Academy has introduced a natural language processing model, as per the media post. The model is provided with 27 billion parameters. It was built back in 2021. Basically, the parameters are designed to analyze the capacities of the AI chatbot. In contrast, ChatGPT is based on OpenAI’s GPT-3 family of large language models. It was introduced back in 2020. It has around 175 billion parameters. So, it is clear that the Chinese solution is a bit less capable.

Besides all this, the company is currently working on the development of conversational AI. So we can anticipate that it will introduce quite a lot of improvements before releasing it to the general public. In addition to this, Damo Academy has publicized the new M6 AI model. It is claimed that the model will be the first in the world that will be accompanied with 10-trillion-parameters. However, things will get more clear with time.

In addition to Alibaba, Baidu [Chinese search giant] has also declared its own competitor for ChatGPT. It is called the Ernie Bot. it is reported that the company will introduce the service by next month. Besides Alibaba and Baidu, other Chinese companies are also working on AI chatbots. These companies consist of JD.com, NetEase, and Tencent Holdings. Well, it will be quite interesting to witness how these developments shape the future.

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