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Google introduces personalized directory to podcast search results


Google has introduced a similar feature to podcast search results as the one presented with movie and TV show recommendations on Google. The search results are now provided with a Podcast Card.

When a user searches for a podcast on Google, the app presents the user with a list of episodes. Recently, the company announced that it is going to make some big changes to the layout presented with a podcast directory. Reportedly, the company will add several filters. Given the new update, whenever a user will search for the podcast, a Podcast card will display. It will permit the user to select the platform, country, and topics.  

The filtered results are classified into carousels. It is presented with categories like Popular podcasts, Established podcast series, and Politics. Each category is presented with different shows. When a user clicks on the podcast show, a card will pop up. The card will be presented with the details like cover art and links. Tapping on the links will start the podcast on the selected platform. In addition to this, Google Search provides users with a Visit Website shortcut. Users can swipe and browse through the list.

Below the links information like description of the show, genre, release frequency, and duration are presented. Further down, users will find a section having the Latest Episodes. This section will be provided with the last three episodes. However, in order to access these episodes, users need to scroll back to the top where links are provided, notes 9to5Google. In contrast, the previous layout enabled the users to play podcast episodes from search results.

As of now, the new feature is available in the US. It can be accessed via the Google app on your device or Google.com. There is no certain timeline for when this feature will arrive for users in other regions of the world.