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Alogic introduces a batch of new chargers at CES 2023

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Alogic is all set to introduce the latest series of USB-C walls as well as car chargers. The latest products will be presented at the CES 2023 event. The new series consists of 100W and 30W car chargers. It also includes the 67W GaN chargers that will be used for charging mobile phones and laptops.

According to some reports, the 67W GaN wall chargers work across different regions. It is due to the bundling of traveling plugs with these chargers. These chargers are shipped in two forms. One is accompanied by a single USB-C configuration while the other has two USB-C and one USB-A configuration.  Additionally, the charger is bundled with a fabric case. It also holds the 100W USB-C PD cable. The devices are available in the market. The single-port charger is priced at $69.99 while the three-port version is priced at $89.99.

The Co-Founder of Alogic, Ritesh Kumar, mentioned that their product is tested for safety and compatibility with connected devices. He added that the portable chargers both in-car and wall are mindfully designed for charging the devices while busy with daily schedules.  

The company has introduced three distinct car chargers. These are presented as two models for 30W as well as a single 100W model. The 100W model carries two USB ports. One is for SUB-C while the other one is for USB-A. when only the USB-C port is utilized it delivers the power of around 100W. comparatively, if both ports are used the power is distributed i.e., the Type-C delivers 65W, and 18W is provided by the Type-A.

On the other hand, the 30W charger is presented in two different options. You can either choose the one with two USB-C ports or the one having one USB-C and one USB-A port. The devices are featured in an ultra-compact design. It is capable of fitting in eh auto charger. The 30W charger is priced at $28.99 for USB-C/USB-A and the 30W [the one with two USB-C] is priced at $33.99. however, the 100W charger is available for $65.99.

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