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WPC announces the Qi2 standard at CES 2023

Some of the high-end smartphones by Samsung have featured Qi wireless charging since the launch of Galaxy S4. Since then, we haven’t seen any obvious change in charging speed and accessibility. However, the overall situation might change now. Since the MagSafe wireless charging standard is soon making its way toward Android smartphones given the latest Qi2 standard.

Wireless Power Consortium or WPC is the organization that deals with the development of Qi wireless charging standards. Today at the CES event, WPC made an announcement about the Qi2 standard. The interesting fact about this latest standard is that it is established around the MagSafe tech by Apple. MagSafe tech implies the magnetic connection between the charger and the device. The device’s position is held in place with the aid of several magnets. The new standard thus points out that similar magnetic alignment will be introduced to Android smartphones, wireless earbuds, and other devices that will use the Qi2 standard in the future.

Moreover, WPC detailed the difference between Qi-compatible and Qi-certified accessories. It said that often the terms Qi-compatible and Qi-certified are mistaken by consumers and retailers. WPC mentioned that Qi-compatible devices are those that haven’t received certification from WPC. So, consumers might experience irregularities in performance as well as quality. Given this fact, WPC worked in close association with Apple to introduce a worldwide standard of wireless charging to numerous consumer electronic devices.

Qi2 showcase a unique profile for Magnetic Power. It will provide the products with a perfect alignment. Thus, resulting in a sufficient user experience. According to @XDADevelopers reports, initially, the tech will be introduced with 15W of fast wireless charging. While in the future even faster charging capacities could be introduced.

We can expect Qi2 to feature on smartphones as well as other products by the end of 2023. Similarly, Samsung could also come up with the latest standard as early as 2024. Since it has already adopted the tech and it won’t be a problem to upgrade to Qi2 in the future.

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