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Amazon Alexa Now Plays TikTok Videos And Share Shopping lists

Amazon is expanding the functionality of its voice assistant Alexa and now offers owners of Echo speakers the opportunity to share their shopping lists with friends and family. In addition, Echo Show devices are able to play TikTok videos by voice command.

To better organize purchases for families and households with several people, Echo users can share their digital shopping list with selected contacts using the voice command “Alexa, send my shopping list”. This is sent on demand to linked family members or friends who can be managed using the Alexa app.

Amazon states that the new function is not only available for users of the smart speakers, but also generally within the Alexa and Amazon apps.

Alexa brings TikTok videos

It also allows users of Echo Show devices to access TikTok videos with the help of Alexa. The voice command “Alexa, open TikTok” is sufficient to display the short clips of the popular video platform on the internal displays of the smart speakers. The assistant can also be asked about specific content, for example “Alexa, show me dance videos on TikTok” or “Alexa, show me fitness on TikTok”.

A TikTok account can be connected for use, but this is not required. At the beginning of the week, Amazon added a motivational coach to its Echo speakers and Alexa voice assistant. Until January 31st, the trigger “Alexa, motivate me!” world heavyweight boxing champion Wladimir Klitschko – also known as Dr. Steelhammer – to provide inspiration and willpower and to encourage mastering challenges. The new functions are also accompanied by another discount campaign for Echo (Dot) loudspeakers, which are currently available from 21.99 euros