Volkswagen To End Combustion Engines In Norway In 2024

Volkswagen will stop selling classic combustion engine models next year – in Norway. This will be an important test for the Wolfsburg-based company because it will then show how well the ID models perform in a purely electric car market.

Combustion engines are restricted by law

In Norway, the sale of combustion engines will be stopped by law from 2025. The proportion of electric cars in new registrations is already over 80 percent, which is why the country is considered an important pioneer and shows what is possible.

The Norwegian government had stipulated that from 2025 only zero-emission cars would be allowed to be sold. This means that VW will withdraw from the market just a few months before the final sales ban.

It will still be a trial by fire for the company. With a 12 percent market share in Norway, Volkswagen is currently behind Tesla when it comes to new electric car registrations.

The VW ID.4 is currently particularly popular. Tesla currently has around 21 percent market share in Norway, with the Model Y being the most sold model. VW wants to further distinguish itself and lead the change in Norway.

Last golf order

“As a farewell to fossil fuel cars, the last Golf will be ordered towards the end of the year,” explained Möller boss Ulf Tore Hekneby. The Möller company is responsible for the import and distribution of VW in the Scandinavian country. “This certainly marks the end of an era, but also the beginning of a new era,” said the company boss. The Volkswagen Group itself has not yet issued a statement on the end of combustion engines.

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