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Amazon Puts Restrictions On Purchasing On Necessary Items


Earlier, it was reported that Amazon announced to hire 100,000 more workers as online ordering surged due to Coronavirus panic, however, the things are changing now

The retail group has now decided to implement initial restrictions on the delivery of non-essential products due to the significantly increased order volumes and the need to protect employees.

Currently, the restriction in question applies to the country branches in Italy and France, the company said. The logistics centers there should concentrate on the dispatch of products that are particularly necessary for customers to cope with everyday life. This affects, among other things, toddler supplies, health products, household items, and drugstores. However, things that are required for production in companies and scientific work, such as animal feed, are also to be sent on.

But if you want to buy shoes, clothes, books or toys, for example, Amazon will not serve you at first. However, it is still possible to purchase these items from the Amazon platform from providers who organize the shipping themselves and do not deliver to the company’s logistics centers. This is noted separately on the product pages.

Employees Protection

The problem currently is that the order volume is extremely high because people stay at home and prefer to rely on mail order for their own supplies rather than go shopping in the few shops that are still open. In order to be able to handle the volume of orders, it would hardly be possible for employees to guarantee the minimum level of self-protection against the coronavirus during work.

At the same time, Amazon has already started to change storage. By April 5, the company will no longer accept replenishments in its logistics centers in the United States, the United Kingdom, and various EU countries for products that do not belong to the areas mentioned above. This should create enough space to always have enough important products in stock and to be able to ship them quickly.

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