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GTA 4 is back on Steam with the complete edition


As Rockstar reported a month ago, Grand Theft Auto 4 has come back to Steam, missing on the web components because of the removal of Games for Windows Live. Fortunately, on the off chance that you possessed either GTA 4 or Liberty City Stories, you currently claim the Complete Edition, including the base game and the standalone DLC.

Different variants were supplanted by the Complete Edition yesterday, yet spare documents are good in the event that you had a game in progress. You won’t have the option to jump into the multiplayer mode, notwithstanding, which has been expelled alongside online leaderboards. RamJam FM, Self-Actualization FM and Vice City FM have additionally been removed from the program of radio broadcasts.

Tomorrow, on March 24, the Complete Edition will be accessible for purchase on Steam and the Rockstar Games Launcher, however right presently it’s just accessible to players who effectively possess different forms on Steam. On the off chance that you have CD key, you’ll likewise have the option to reclaim it in the launcher. Come April, any individual who got GTA 4 or the independent DLC by means of GfWL will likewise have the option to connect their Social Club record and play once more, this time by means of the Rockstar Games Launcher. During the corona outbreak, this is the perfect time to dabble into gaming and keep yourself occupied.

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