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Amazon To Buy AMC Theaters U.S. Cinemas Chain

Amazon CEO and multi-billionaire Jeff Bezos is expected to prepare another takeover – by several cinema operators. Amazon is already circling like a vulture through Odeon and its parent company AMC Theaters.

According to the Daily Mail sources, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is on the verge of becoming the world’s largest cinema operator. Bezos is said to have submitted an attractive takeover offer to the cinema chain AMC Theaters. The US company has over 1,000 so-called multiplex cinemas. And in Europe, there are a handful of cinemas operated under different names.

Alleged offer for the entire group

Amazon is said to have started the takeover talks weeks ago with the Odeon cinemas in the UK belonging to AMC Theaters. Finally, Bezos is said to have made an offer for the entire group. With its many holdings, the cinema chain AMC Theaters is currently the global market leader – so this possible deal is being looked at very carefully. Amazon could suddenly become the largest player in cinemas and not only dominate the market, but also completely change it.

All from the rumor mill

Amazon already has a major impact on the film industry with its Prime Video offering, and with its own cinema chain, this could increase significantly. In addition, second exploitation of the Amazon originals could be set up and new customers lured into the cinemas. Although these are currently unconfirmed rumors, the sources say the Daily Mail is reliable. According to the sources, the current state of negotiations is unclear. It is unknown whether the talks are still active or whether they will lead to a deal, the sources said. Amazon did not want to comment on the journalists’ demand.