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Amazon To Compensate For Products Sold By Third-Party In The US

Amazon wants to start immediately, at least in the USA, to reimburse customers who suffer physical or economic damage as a result of a product sold on the platform. With this, the group apparently wants to avoid expensive legal disputes.

As Amazon announced today, the company intends to begin in the United States itself to pay compensation in certain cases for injuries or property damage suffered by the Group’s customers through a product purchased through Amazon or its Marketplace. This expressly also includes products that Amazon only sells on its platform, but does not sell or deliver itself.

For years there have been repeated lawsuits from customers against Amazon, in which the plaintiffs claim that the platform operator is liable for the products offered there if the customer suffers damage. In 2016, a US customer sued Amazon because she believed the marketplace provider was partly responsible for the fact that a dog leash made her blind when it ripped and hit her eye.

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Amazon continues to insist that the sellers of the products are also responsible for their safety. In most cases, the courts also agreed, but in 2020 there were also rulings according to which Amazon may be responsible for the safety of products for which you do not act as a seller, but sell them from your own warehouses.

From September 1, Amazon wants to pay out up to $1,000 in legitimate cases, which already covers more than 80 percent of the cases in which customers have previously made claims against the company. There are no costs for the seller of the products. If the providers do not respond to customer demands, Amazon wants to take action in order to protect consumers and sellers alike.

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