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Third-Party Amazon Sellers Pay Customers To Delete Negative Comments

Amazon is and will remain the great power in online trading, nobody can ignore the Seattle company – neither as a retailer nor as a customer. What you read there in the product reviews is correspondingly important. And there is not always clean work.

Fake reviews are of course an aspect, manufacturers and retailers alike try again and again to make their offer appear in a better light. This means that positive reviews are bought and specialized providers are hired to leave fake product reviews. Of course, Amazon and Co. also know this and fight intensively against fake reviews and comparable manipulations.

Another and probably quite new aspect is that attempts are made to carry out the manipulation in a certain way from below: According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, more and more third-party providers are trying to get the e-mail addresses of real Amazon customers and offer them money to delete their negative reviews.

Its Not That Easy

Two factors play an essential role here: Amazon is not just Amazon. This means that only around half of the products you buy on Amazon are actually sold by Amazon. The rest comes from third-party marketplace providers who “only” use Amazon as a platform. However, such retailers actually have no access to the customers’ e-mail addresses, because these are guarded by Amazon.

The latter means that retailers cannot write to Amazon customers (externally) without the group finding out. To this end, a shadow economy has developed in which services have emerged that allow retailers to access customer data such as email addresses.

The WSJ refers to various cases in which disappointed customers were offered a (generous) refund or gift cards so that they could delete a critical review. Although this is forbidden, there are evidently – anything but clean – ways to get such data. If you get such an offer, then Amazon advises or asks you to document and report such messages.

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