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Amazon Wastes Nearly 100,000 Returns Per Week At Britain’s Warehouse

The extent to which resources are wasted by a system such as the one created by the retail group Amazon is apparently significantly greater than previously assumed. This is shown by secret recordings from a logistics center in Great Britain.

Some time ago Amazon hit the headlines because a large part of the returns is simply destroyed. The extent of waste is probably on a completely different level: Even large quantities of goods that never got into the hands of a customer end up in the garbage. New products should make up about half of what ends up in the destruction.

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This emerges from a report by the British broadcaster iTV, which relies on a former employee of the logistics center. This also underpinned his information with photos from the relevant department. In addition, reporters from the iTV editorial team followed the trash from the logistics center to a waste disposal company in the region.

Well over 100,000 goods per week

The objective of the department in which the ex-employee worked is said to have been the disposal of 130,000 products per week. About half of the goods that were processed here were still in their original packaging, it said. The palette ranged from books to televisions. The other products were therefore returned, but they were often still in good condition and were not just good for the garbage.

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Amazon told the station that they are working hard to reduce the number of goods that ultimately end up in the trash. In addition, reference was made to initiatives to donate unsalable products for social purposes. According to the research, this ultimately only accounts for a small part of the superfluous goods.

The fact that so many new products end up in the trash is due, among other things, to the fact that Amazon attaches great importance to being able to deliver particularly quickly. One would rather risk having slow-moving goods in a position than an order arriving at the customer a day too late. Sometimes you also store products from retailers who only use the Amazon website as a sales platform. Ultimately, it is cheaper to simply destroy goods than to bring them back to the supplier or manufacturer – especially if they are located overseas.

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