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Android 12 Code Name ‘Desert’ And Features Leaked

Android 12

After the first screenshots, more information about the new smartphone operating system Google Android 12 appears. Not only should the new version bear the code name of a dessert unknown now, but multitasking functions are also discussed.

Although Google has not added popular dessert names since the start of Android 10, Android 12 should also be named internally after a dessert. The colleagues from XDA Developers are said to have learned from trustworthy sources that this year it is “Snow Cone“. Hardly known in some countries, It is a ball of water ice, coloured and flavoured with syrup. Earlier Android add-ons such as Lollipop, Kitkat or Pie were much more relevant globally.

Great Features For lockscreens and multitasking functions

In the end, however, the name of Android 12 should not convince the users, but the new design and functions. While the first images caused a stir last week, it seems that further features of the new software have leaked. Among other things, Google is supposed to give the always-on display, the lock screen and the power button menu a new coat of paint with a clearer display and other possible uses. The integration of smart home devices is mentioned by the leakers at this point.

Android 12 More Features

With regard to multitasking, the well-known Android bubbles, which can be personalized by users (e.g. size, animations, etc.), should also be improved. Under Android 11, these are currently used for interactive notifications, for example, to reply to WhatsApp messages directly from the home screen without having to open the app. Improvements are still promised for the picture-in-picture mode, which, thanks to “App Pairs”, has a kind of memory function that can remember previously defined window sizes and restore them the next time the app pairing is started.

The first official presentation of Android 12 and the possible announcement of a beta version is expected during the expected virtual Google I / O 2021 in May. A corresponding update for vanilla smartphones (e.g. Google Pixel) should, however, take place in the autumn.

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