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Android 13 QPR3 Beta 2.1 appears in with several connectivity issues

Google is currently working on the latest feature, which will be available to Pixel devices in June 2023; however, beta users have already received a new update today. Another milestone was hit by Android 13 QPR3 with a Beta 2.1 hotfix along with a fresh set of modem updates.

QPR3 Beta 2 was launched just a week ago, which makes this latest update a little unexpected at this hour. However, the latest update doesn’t have anything particularly new other than the fixation of connectivity issues that were being experienced by several users. According to the detailed description of the update in Google’s official release notes, this update improved Modem.

The latest version contains a bill number of T3B2.230316.005, and its Google Play Service version is 23.11.13; however, the Android security patch level is still March 2023. This is what we were already expecting as Google is leaning behind its security patch that was launched in April 2023 on stable channels.

Other than that, remaining changes are pretty similar to that one in QPR3 Beta 2;

  • Adaptive charging is improved according to the needs of your device in coordination with on-device signals.
  • The issue regarding the volume panel flickering while adjusting volume is now fixed.
  • The device’s system UI that gets stuck or blurry when ending a phone call or unlocking the device is also fixed.
  • The issue regarding the notification shade disappearing immediately after opening is also fixed.
  • The issue regarding the device being unable to copy data and apps wirelessly while you are doing your first setup is also fixed.
  • The issue regarding always-on display over apps and other content after unlocking the device is also fixed.

Simply enroll your Pixel 4 or newer in the Android Beta Program and check for updates to join in on the fun. If you’re already a beta tester, you should be able to download this version right away by going to Settings -> System -> System Update and pressing the Check for Updates button. If that doesn’t work, you can always flash the factory images manually or sideload the OTA.

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