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Samsung phones running Android 13 will receive better ad privacy

The tech company Google is working hard to introduce improved and safe advertisement techniques. From this perspective, the company introduced the Privacy Sandbox feature back in February 2021. Some recent reports suggest that the feature is now going live on selected Android devices. Basically, the Privacy Sandbox feature enables improved ad techniques. these strategies focus on user privacy. It presents users and developers with new methods to analyze unique solutions for the real world.

The tech company Google mentioned in a blog post that the company is focused on introducing methods that will help develop solutions for digital advertising. In this way, access to user data sharing will be limited. It won’t any longer depend on cross-app identifiers. As part of this program, the devices that will receive the feature will receive an Android notification regarding a similar matter. As per the tech firm Google, Privacy Sandbox Beta is accompanied by a new application programming interface. These APIs are designed with a main focus on privacy. They don’t utilize identifiers that could trace the user’s activity across apps and websites.

Apps included in the Privacy Sandbox Beta will use the APIs to show up appropriate ads. Moreover, the effectiveness will be evaluated. In this way, the company will figure out the user’s interests and preferences. Where the interests will be saved for a relatively short time on the device. A new Privacy Sandbox switch will enable the users to turn on or off the ‘ads privacy beta’ feature. Users can access it from Settings. Click on Security & Privacy. Go to Privacy. Select Other Privacy Settings. Click on Ads.

Besides this, users can even block interests. In this way, the interest won’t be added until the user unblocks the feature. Furthermore, the users can block the apps based on Fledge API. Where the saved interests will be shown to other apps in order to present the users with relevant ads. Well, it appears like a middle ground where users can block irrelevant ads and maintain their privacy side by side.

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