Android 14 Beta 3 to make Battery Saver more efficient

There are several features that are shared by almost all Android devices, such as an OLED display, fantastic octa-core processors, and good-quality batteries to support all these features. Since the invention of modern smartphones, a two-day battery life along with a power saver mode have served some of the best advantages. The latest feature of Android 14, wallpaper dimming, is to bring these devices closer to the two-day standby mark.

Android 14 Beta 3 was launched a few days ago with a handful of features and several bug fixes. The latest feature of the battery saver tends to make the wallpaper dim in comparison to the rest of the UI. This effect will only dim the wallpaper, while other icons and widgets will remain at their original brightness. This effect tends to be more visible on lighter and more vibrant wallpaper.

Before this modification in Beta 3, you had to use the Extreme Battery Saver function or the Bedtime mode of the Digital Wellbeing service to dim the wallpaper. With the latter, at least, your health rather than the battery’s lifespan has been prioritized.

The Extra Dim function on Pixel phones, dark mode, and Always-On Displays appear to be the sources of inspiration for Google’s notion to dim the wallpaper to conserve power. All these technologies maintain the necessary information while dimming or turning off additional pixels to save energy.

Although one would argue that the advantages won’t be particularly apparent, the power demand of a modern OLED panel depends on the quantity and brightness of the pixels that are active. Therefore, there should theoretically be some battery savings if some pixels function at a lower brightness when you’re on the home screen. These savings might improve the Android OS’s power efficiency, extending the amount of time your devices’ batteries can be used.

An advantageous side effect of wallpaper lowering is a fictitious high-contrast mode. Even if your wallpaper has a crowded pattern, the icons are easier to see because the background is darker and they remain bright. It would be great if Google made the Battery Saver update available in all future releases of Android 14, even those made by third parties.

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