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Android Working on A Phone that Could Type and Text Independently for User

As per reports, Android might be working on a phone that could type and text independently for the user. The reports regarding the making of foldable phones are already there and it is believed and said to be the upcoming future of smartphones.

The makers of Android—Andy Rubin’s consumer electronics startup—Essential Products Inc., is engaged in making a phone that would integrate AI and would double as an assistant for learning user behaviours and be able to respond to the received messages on the user’s behalf, as per the reports of Bloomberg.

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The new phone is expected to be different than the present phones already available in the market. The phone would reportedly have a comparatively smaller screen and it would operate through voice commands. The AI software of Essential’s phone would be able to answer the text messages and emails, make calls independently without requiring any input or whatsoever from the user and book appointments.

According to Rubin, the objective of this smartphone would be to assist those who have got smartphone addiction. The firm has as per reports have given up the other projects for working on this upcoming phone after its Essential Phone went unsuccessful in becoming a hit device among the consumers.

As per Bloomberg, the sources who are aware of this product informed that the company targets to have its first prototype ready by the end of this year and might launch it at the next year’s Consumer Electronics Show in the month of January 2019.

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