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Android’s volume slider will be changing so that it could look less goofy on bigger phones

Since the volume dialogue grows from where your finger pushed the physical button, the volume slider in stock Android and AOSP-based ROMs is tethered to your phone’s volume rocker. This is a lovely touch that makes the software feel like it complements the hardware. The problem is that the volume menu has a set height, which makes the effect less realistic when you have a phone with a larger screen and makes the volume slider appear to be quite small. We are happy about it as seems like this is changing.

Android volume slider will be changed

Google may be working on a feature that will scale the height of the volume slider to fit the dimensions of your screen; in other words, the slider will appear taller on larger phones and lower on smaller ones. This is according to code contributions found by Android expert Mishaal Rahman. Several Google employees have been requested to conduct a quick test to confirm the feature’s functionality by the engineer who created the commit: “When using a gadget with a large screen, adjust the volume. Make sure the slider is not any longer too short.”

During his investigation of the Android 13 QPR3 Beta 1 source code, Rahman discovered this modification. However, given the timing, it may be more likely that Android 14 will bring the functionality. This does not imply that it will be made accessible in the June 2023 Pixel Feature Drop. Although modifications like these aren’t always guaranteed to see the light of day, it’s also possible that this feature won’t be introduced until later, if at all.

Yet, Google seems to have prioritized the Android volume menu in more recent iterations. There is hope that Google will ultimately break the ringtone and notification volumes into two different sliders. The live caption option was a nice addition. You can hope for a scalable volume menu to appear soon.

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