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Apollo will go offline on June 30


Apollo is one of the famous third-party Reddit apps. Recently, we learned about the new API pricing policy of Reddit. Additionally, the platform has announced new pricing for Apollo. As per Reddit’s policy, Apollo is now bound to pay $12,000 for 50 million requests. Given this figure and the number of Apollo users, the charges surge to $20 million per year. Apollo’s developer Christian Selig has now announced his decision on this new policy. Selig said that Apollo will go offline on June 30.  

Besides Apollo, several other third parties have been protesting against Reddit’s new API pricing policy. However, the platform has not changed its narrative. From this perspective, it will become quite difficult for third-party apps t survive. Selig mentions that the service has been available for free for 8 years and now all of a sudden we are bound to pay huge costs. He further added that it is impossible for him to earn this much in a time frame of 30 days.

For years, Selig has added various new features and updates to Apollo. For this reason, it has gained traction from users. Selig has added several new interfaces to gather users’ feedback on new features. On the other hand, Reddit is a standalone app that does not offer the same features as Apollo. The recent developments could disappoint Apollo’s users.

Selig has been working hard to make a deal with Reddit. However, it looks like Reddit is not showing any flexibility. In contrast, the company claims that Selig tried to extract money from the company. The app is not working effectively. Additionally, Reddit has not shared any inputs on how to improve the functionality of Apollo that could help Selig to reduce the API pricing for the app.

Selig assumes that he can rewrite the code for Apollo in the long run. However, he has been given a time period of one month to introduce changes to the code, introduce a new subscription model, migrate users, and introduce other updates. Selig had a negative encounter with the platform’s leadership. In addition to this, the short time window urges him to abandon the plan of continuing with Apollo.

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