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App streaming is now available on ChromeOS


Various platforms are working towards improving the connections between your mobile devices and computers. The latest way in this regard was announced by Google via a short blog post. As per information via post, a new app streaming feature has been introduced for ChromeOS.

This feature is currently in the testing phase, so it might not be available publicly yet. You are required to be a beta member of the platform to use this feature. but as for beta users, the feature isn’t stable as it’s still in the development process.

Google is testing an app streaming feature for ChromeOS

Although the feature itself is rather simple, you must have a Phone Hub activated to use it. Additionally, your phone must run Android 13 or higher. In the blog article, Pixel phones up to the Pixel 4a are mentioned. The Xiaomi 12T, 12T Pro, 13, and 13 Pro are also mentioned. With each passing test, compatibility increases.

You can interact with some smartphone apps and features directly from your ChromeOS device when this functionality is enabled. Your device won’t be entirely under your control when using a Chromebook. Therefore, you won’t be running complete apps, making settings, or doing anything else.

The entire scope of this functionality is still unknown to us. Although it’s currently in testing, additional functionality should be added over time. You may update your shopping list, view your rideshare status, and participate in chats, according to the blog post.

This feature’s limited functionality can be a plus. This appears more like a function that gives you access to a select number of the smartphone capabilities you use the most. This will save you from having to pause your job while unlocking your phone to check your messages.

This can just be a means of avoiding interruptions. You can enable this functionality right away if you are using ChromeOS beta.