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Apple AR glasses won’t be released until 2024

The Apple Glass is still being talked about. According to an analyst, the connected glasses version of the project would not be announced until the end of 2024. In contrast, Apple would present a hybrid helmet in the first months of the year, which combines augmented and virtual reality.

Apple is currently developing two different projects related to augmented and virtual reality. The California group is developing a mixed reality headset, which displays items using both display technologies. Very impressive, the helmet would be 100% autonomous. Apple is also working on connected glasses dedicated exclusively to augmented reality. More close to traditional glasses than a helmet, the project should be closer to Oppo’s Google Glass or AirGlass. These two Apple projects are commonly referred to as Apple Glass.

No Apple glasses before the end of 2024?

According to information from the famous financial analyst Jeff Pu, Apple will wait until the end of the year 2024 to announce Apple Glass-connected eyewear. We can expect a presentation during the keynote in September or during the second keynote in October/November. Given Apple’s habits, it cannot be ruled out that the release on the market will take place a few months after the keynote.

Do we have to wait until the first half of 2025 to get our hands on the glasses? For now, it is still a mystery. Unlike the mixed reality headset, AR (Augmented Reality) is connected glasses very dependent on the iPhone Like Apple Watches, they need an iPhone to work. The glasses serve only as an accessory by displaying the information from the iPhone to the user’s eyes. They will rely on the computing power of the iPhone to manage augmented reality experiences.

Regardless of the iPhone or whatever, the helmet would be more imposing than the goggles, Jeff Pu assures. The expert thinks that the mixed reality headset will arrive in the near future. In his report, he bases himself on a presentation early next year This is also the view of Ming-Chi Kuo. The analyst expects a presentation as early as January 2023. Apple would host a keynote exclusively dedicated to its mixed reality headset. The second version of the headset is already planned for the end of 2024, in addition to the group’s connected glasses.