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WhatsApp is working on a feature termed as ‘Kept Messages’


WhatsApp is one of the instant messaging apps. Besides WhatsApp, there are several other well-known messaging apps. One such example is Telegram. Telegram is presented with many advanced features. however, WhatsApp is not behind in the race. Since it is continuously improving its service with the addition of new features.

In the past couple of months, the messaging app WhatsApp has received a variety of new features. these features included communities, disappearing messages, and many others. According to some reports, WhatsApp is working on a new feature. This feature is related to the earlier presented disappearing messages. The new feature will be called kept messages. Of course, the name depicts that the functionality of this new feature will be opposite to the disappearing messages. Well, how this will work? Let’s find out.

Disappearing messages is a feature that enables a user to send a message with a preset expiration date and time. Once the time and date of expiration approach, the message is no longer visible to others. This feature is enabled both for the individual as well as group chats. In contrast to this, another feature was identified in the WABetaInfo. The kept messages feature will present the users with more control over the messages. Since such messages won’t vanish from the chat rather they will be visible to all users. besides this, users can un-keep the messages at any time. Un-keeping the messages will permanently delete the message for everyone.

Kept messages feature will enable the users to save disappearing messages. They will be presented the same way they were initially presented in the chat. However, do note that kept messages feature works even if the message expires. One interesting thing to notice here is that such messages will be distinguished from other messages with a visual modification.

In addition to this, saved messages will be presented with separate bookmark icons. Well, this feature is only in the development phase now. It is not even widely rolled out for beta testers. We can only wait as of now before we get any hands-on experience with the new feature.

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