Apple could introduce the iPhone 15 series with a Hybrid lens technology

A tipster named RcloudS claims that the iPhone 15 series could feature a hybrid lens technology. The information was passed on by MacRumors. If the above-mentioned information is believed to be correct then the iPhone 15 smartphones would be the first international smartphones featuring a hybrid lens technology.

All models of the iPhone 15 series might feature hybrid lens technology

One thing to mention here is that the above-mentioned information takes all four models of the upcoming iPhone series into account. Besides this, do note that the iPhone 15 series is not the first smartphone series to feature a hybrid lens technology rather several Chinese companies have already used this tech in their smartphones.

You might be wondering what is a hybrid lens tech. Basically, it is a tech that utilizes one glass element and almost 6 plastic elements in the primary wide camera. Currently, the wide camera of the iPhone 14 features seven plastic elements. In addition to this, the tipster claims that in contrast to the f/1.79 aperture on the iPhone 14 Pro models, the iPhone 15 series would feature f/1.7. Remember that the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus had an aperture of f/1.5, so in that regard, this is technically a decrease.

More light can be captured by the cameras of the iPhone 15 Pro

The aperture modification might be limited to the Pro models of the iPhone 15 series only. Again the tipster claims that 15-20% more light can be captured using the primary wide camera. As a result, smartphones will generate better-quality images with rich tones and textures. Furthermore, all models of the upcoming iPhone 15 series would utilize the 48MP Sony IMX803 camera as the primary camera. It is actually the same sensor utilized on the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

In addition to this, the company will unveil the new iPhone series in September. However, a recent rumor claims that the launch could be postponed to October since the company is facing issues with displays for the Pro models.

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