New Twitter advertising for Apple Pay is launched mysteriously by Apple

The Cupertino-based tech company has introduced a new marketing campaign on the social media platform Twitter. According to reports, the company is utilizing a new marketing campaign for its Apple Pay service. Notably, users can view the two hashtags #ApplePay and #PayTheAppleWay with a tick icon in tweets.

Recently, in the course of the previous few months, Apple has introduced the Apple Pay service in various new markets. For this reason, the company might be taking its time and utilizing social media platforms at its best to market the service. However, there could be a flip side to the story. The company might be intending to introduce something big with the Apple Pay-related product.

Apple may occasionally simply set up branded hashmoji (formerly known as hashflags) to promote the launch of a fresh advertising campaign. In this instance, a fresh video ad should be available this week. Besides this, there is a possibility that the company might have some new features for the Apple Pay service. Previously, the company introduced Apple Pay Later to select consumers for a certain period of time. It might be that the company now plans to officially debut Apple Pay Later.

On the other hand, it might refer to the launch of Apple Card and Apple Pay Cash in regions outside the United States. Well, there are some services that are long awaited by international users of the company. In the past, we also learned that the company is all set to introduce the Apple Card-like service for India.

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