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Apple introduces Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro on iPads

Apple 12.9 inch iPad Pro 2021

Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro are Apple’s video and music creation tools. Yesterday, the company declared that the tools will soon be available on iPads. Final Cut Pro will make its way to iPads with the M1 or M2 chipset. Whereas Logic Pro will be rolled out to iPads powered by A12 Bionic chips. The cost of these tools is $4.99 per month or $49 per year via an App Store subscription. Users will have access to a one-month free trial. The tools will be available from May 23 onwards.

Final Cut Pro

It is provided with a new jog wheel. Using this tool, users can edit easily. There is also a Live Drawing tool that enables users to draw and write directly on top of the videos. The content can be written using an Apple pencil. Users can edit and view HDR videos and imply color grades with precision using Reference Mode. high-quality videos in portrait or landscape mode can be captured with the Pro camera. furthermore, users can control the features like audio, control focus, exposure, and white balance in the videos. in this way, they will be able to perform all tasks from a single device.

For background removal, a screen removal mask is provided. To remove noise use the Voice isolation feature. The auto crop will help with adjustments for vertical, square, and other aspect ratios. Users will have access to a big collection of graphics, effects, and audio, HDR backgrounds, customizable animated patterns, and professional soundtracks adjustable to the video’s length.

Logic Pro

It is accompanied by a multi-touch gestures feature. Users can play software instruments and perform other navigation controls as well. It can be sued to record voice or instrument recordings via using the built-in mics on iPads. Users will have access to 100 different instruments. Users can cut and swap samples and beats. In this way, users can create a professional piece on their iPads.

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