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Apple introduces pronoun fields to the Contacts app on iOS 17

A new method for quickly transferring contact information across iPhones, Apple Watches, or both is introduced by iOS 17 and watchOS 10. You can choose what information you send using AirDrop with NameDrop. NameDrop is a new feature. Currently, it is in beta and will be available to all users this autumn. Such a feature will eliminate the need to build a separate contact card.

Well, when it comes to the Contacts app, NameDrop is not the only new feature that the company has introduced. In fact, there is another significant modification. The company has reportedly, added a widely requested feature to the Contact app. As per recent pieces of information, the company has added a new pronoun filed in the contact card.

Pronoun preferences are frequently included in email signatures and social media posts. On the other hand, adding them to the Contacts app requires the manual creation of a field in the notes area. However, given the recent updates pronoun preferences can be saved in a preset field.

Besides the pronoun preference field for other contacts, users can add their specified pronouns to their own contact cards as well. Whenever a user shares a contact card with others, the pronoun preferences will also be shared along with other contact information.

Well, this is not just a text field. The company has included several languages in the app. Furthermore, the tech firm has included a guide on how to use the three types of pronouns with grammatical accuracy. Another important aspect to note about this new feature is that the company has introduced privacy policies for pronoun entries.

The corporation claims that only supported Apple apps can utilize pronouns on your devices. The company shared the statement “They are not shared with Apple or third-party developers.” On iOS 17, iPad OS 17, Mac OS X Sonoma, and WatchOS 10, the new pronouns field is available. The developer beta for Apple’s new platforms is now underway. In July, a public beta will debut. Whereas by early September we should see the release of the final versions.

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