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Compatibility for external USB-C webcams and microphones has been included in iPadOS 17

The Cupertino-based tech firm has just recently announced the iPadOS 17. It comes with a variety of new and improved features. Some of these include new tools for editing PDFs, Apple Maps offline, Stage Manager enhancements, improvements to iMessage and FaceTime, and customizable lock screens. The company has rolled out the first beta of iPadOS 17 to developers. However, the public beat will be introduced by this summer whereas a stable public release is expected by the fall.  

Previously, with the introduction of iPadOS 16, the tech firm introduced the DriverKit API. It enables accessory manufacturers to develop specified drivers. As a result, the end products are consistent with iPad. However, the company has taken things to another level with the new iPadOS 17. Reportedly, the company has added support for additional webcams and microphones connected through the USB-C port.

Apple showcased how users may connect their iPad to Studio Display and use its in-built webcam and microphone during the first keynote of WWDC 2023. However, any webcam or USB microphone connected to the iPad will work with this. Similar to Mac, no iPad can start working with such accessories without the requirement of third-party drivers.

Well, some of the webcams and microphones might not be functional with iPad. But still, this is a major improvement for the iPad. Since it eliminates the restrictions presented with iPadOS. Since users will have the opportunity to use external webcams and microphones and enjoy better experiences.

According to the company, developers can benefit from these accessories in their apps by utilizing the AVFoundation API. The new updates provided with iPadOS 17 will provide users with a better and enhanced experience. Users can rotate videos from both external and built-in cameras within apps. They will be given several options like selecting audio input, providing echo cancellation optimizations, and more.

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